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Minimum Commitment..Maximum Impact

$5.00 per pay period for New Life Residential Center Residents

This year the New Life Residential Center is initiating a new program to offset the dramatic budget cuts imposed by the Department of Social Services. These cuts (shelter, food, services and programs) are impacting our women’s successful reentry into productive lives were they are continuing their education, obtaining gainful employment; being reunited with their children and families and most of all, living a healthy life of sobriety. For the cost of a Starbucks cup of coffee, a Caesar’s Hot N Ready Pizza or 2 gallons of gas for your car…you can help us maintain the critical services needed for these women in transition.

It’s really simple to commit, you can:

  1. Select New Life Residential Center Inc. as your charity of choice through your employer payroll deductions to the United Way. (Member #3697)
  2. Go out, Opportunities to Support and set up automatic drafts based on your pay period via Pay Pal.
  3. Establish New Life Residential Center Inc. as a Bill Pay Payee through your bank/checking bill pay services.
  4. Mail your periodic commitments to: New Life Residential Center Inc. PO BOX 3451, Buffalo, NY 14240.
  5. Coming Soon… Select New Life Residential Center Inc. as your SEFA charity of choice.

Our 2015 goal is to establish 500 committed relationships. Will you be 1 of those relationships? Will you ask your friends, family and co-workers? $5.00 is just a small commitment but put together with other $5.00 commitments can mean the dramatic difference in several women's lives. COMMIT TODAY!

We thank you for your attention; we thank you for your support in the past and look forward to a new commitment in the future! We will let you know what number you are in our goal of 500! All commitments are tax-deductible. God Bless and thank you.

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