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Officers & Board of Directors


Ulanda Frank

Medical Social Worker MSW, Kaleida Health Systems

Support Counselor, Transitional Services Inc.

Statement of Commitment: "I'm dedicated to New Life Residential Center because of the on going care , commitment and sincere desire to make a difference in the lives of every woman at New Life Residential Center." 


Benjamin A. Cashaw

Founder/CEO of the FruitBelt Coalition Inc.

Associate Clergy of Elim Christian Fellowship

Statement of Commitment: "I have resolved myself to be committed to New Life Residential Center, Inc. until the vision and purpose of the organization can be promulgated. Serving for three years, it has become apparent that we are working towards missions and goals that are noble."


Loretta Brooks

Mortgage Loan Underwriter for Evans Bank

Statement of Commitment: "I am committed to the critical services that New Life Residential Center provides for women in transition, and faithful to the fulfillment of its mission." 


Anthony B. Chestnut

Loan Specialist - Office of Strategic Planning

Co-Founder and Chief Operational Officer of Fruit of the City

Statement of Commitment: "It is my responsibility to be efficient and effective to the best of my ability while serving

in any and all capacities in life."  


David Pfalzgraf

Retired Attorney, Pfalzgraf, Beinhauer & Menzies, 38 years

Statement of Commitment: "I have been a board member since before the residential center was purchased...and I will continue my commitment."


Alfred Halley

Retired Chief Operation Officer (COO)

Cazenovia Recovery Systems 


Gregory Paul Webster

Independent Contractor for US PAK Logistics

Independent Musician

Statement of Commitment: "What a joy to serve as a Board Member of New Life Residential Center, Inc. As a member, I have committed my energies to helping women have a new start in life." 



Beverly McLean

Faculty Emertus, University of Buffalo, 22 years

Volunteer Coordinator for Friends of Broadway

Statement of Commitment: "I am committed because I believe in empowerment of community residents."


Reverend James Lewis III

Pastoral Care, Erie County Medical Center (ECMC)

Therese Warden

Registered Nurse, PhD Buffalo State College                    

Brenda Winston

Retired Special Clerk for the Telephone Company


Tina Coon

Executive Director

Office: 716.854.0944 Cell: 716.901.3205

Kimberly Chambers

Office Manager

Office: 716.854.0944

New Life Residential Center, Inc.

Office: 716:854.0944 Fax: 716.854.0944

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