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Our Philosophy...

It is our philosophy that recovery must be the total focus of your three months at New Life Residential Center. We expect that you will spend as much energy, if not more, into obtaining your recovery as you did in obtaining your drug of choice. In return, we pledge to support you on this exciting journey which you have begun.

We believe that recovery goes beyond abstinence from drugs and alcohol. It involves a conscious and intentional split from the people, places, things and behaviors that were present in your life during active use.

We also believe that few can accomplish this change alone; therefore the environment that has been created at New Life Residential Center provides support and insight from a group of people who have also dedicated their lives to the recovery process.

Who May Apply?

1. Women who have completed the detoxification process.

2. Women who do not have a history of arson, or molestation of children.

3. Women who are physically, mentally or emotionally able to comply with the

programs offered at New Life Residential Center.

4. Women who are pregnant or HIV+.

5. Women who have been assigned a M.I.C.A. diagnosis and have a history of compliance with all psychiatrist's recommendations including taking medication as prescribed.


Question: Can I be in a relationship?

Answer: Residents are advised not to be involved in relationships for the first 90 days

as it may be detrimental to the recovery process.

Question: What if I'm not on social services?

Answer: New Life Residential Center will help you initiate contact with the Department of Social


Question: What if I relapse?

Answer: In case of relapse, residents personal belongings must be removed from

New Life Residential Center within 3 days. After that time, all belongings

remaining will be disposed. No rent will be reimbursed.

Question: Do I have to share a room?

Answer: All residents of New Life Residential Center have a private room.

Question: Can I keep my job?

Answer: No. For the first three months at New Life Residential Center, your full time

job is RECOVERY.

Question: Can I have a car?

Answer: Residents are required to travel using public transportation.

Question: What about my children?

Answer: New Life Residential Center is unable to provide the necessary care for children, however provision

will be made for visitation.

Question: Are there any requirements that I must meet?

Answer: Yes, as a resident of New Life Residential Center you must be able to

take a bus, climb stairs, do chores which may involve lifting not more

than 15 pounds and get along with other women.

How to Apply

New Life Residential Center accepts referrals from Human Service Agencies, Professionals, Counselors, Judges, Parole and Probation Officers.

Admission applications can be requested online or by contacting us at 716.854.0944.

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