New Life Residential Center inc. 

  "Shedding Old Behaviors ... Boldly Embracing New"


The 7- Point Program





1.      Out Patient Counseling

Clients are evaluated and linked to the appropriate agencies to be treated for substance abuse and mental health counseling.

2.     Primary Medical Evaluations

Clients are scheduled for medical appointments during the intake process to physicians for primary evaluation and assessment to address immediate and long term medical issues and physical health.

3.      Criminal Justice Track of Treatment

New Life Residential Center Administrative staff maintains a continual formal communication with all legal agencies (drug, family and criminal courts); CPS workers, probation and parole officers.  Mandatory progress reports are submitted in compliance with client treatment plans.

4.       Pre-Vocational Education Program

Clients are encouraged and directed to engage in opportunities that continue or further their education in an effort to position themselves positively back into society.

5.        The 12-Step Process

Clients are required to attend 12 -Step Meetings for substance abuse.  Mandatory attendance and application of principles obtained in these meetings are encouraged to assist clients in breaking the cycle and abusive behaviors.


6.        In House Programming

Clients are offered In-House Programs all geared towards encouraging, educating and empowering them to recognize their self-worth and value. In-House Programs provide life-skills instruction, discipline, structure and responsibility for the clients.




7.         Transitional Housing Coordination


Clients meet  with  a transitional housing coordinator to develop a plan for independent living arrangements prior to graduation from their New Life Residential Center treatment plan. Clients are given information, resources and recommendations for the best course of action regarding housing and assistive living arrangements.